News report - Tree Pipit at Kgaswane (North-west Province) - February 2010
A remarkable eruption of Tree Pipits at Kgaswane Nature Reserve, just outside Rustenburg. The birds are to be found just "behind" the ablution block at the picnic site at the Reserve. They are between point 6 and 5 on the small map on p 258 of the Chamberlain Guide to Birding Gauteng. They seem to prefer the edge of the tree line between woodland and grassland, but have also been seen foraging on the grass.
The birds were located by Stephan Terblanche on 20 Feb and still present on 23 Feb. This is a great bird for ones SA list and the site is also within the 100km listing boundary for the Wider gauteng Listing Club.

For more photos by Phil Penlington of the Kgaswane Tree Pipits (23 Feb) click here
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